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The Practical Nursing program is extremely disorganized.There is no "set" curriculum.

There is a managment power game in play to override the instructors. As a result students are failing tests based on the changed criteria. Not fair at all. I agreed to pay Keiser LOTS of money to get my LPN degree rather than wait for years to get into a community college.

I regret choosing Keiser over another private institution. I would like to see Keiser be investigated by the Attorney General and whatever Fed's oversee the Pell Grant process.

Unprofessional to the point of criminal.Hear my warning.

Review about: Nursing School.



After participating in the LPN program for more than a year due to family emergencies & being unable to attend all classes without exceeding their 3day rule, I repeated PNII and successfully proceed to PNIII.Not even 2weeks in the semester I was placed on probation for ubserd reasoning and relocated from what was then my home campus of NPR to St.Pete as the schools way of corrective punishment!

Although, I was never given the opportunity to have witnesses speak on behalf, nor afforded the chance to write a statement that supported the chain of events. Furthermore, after being relocated to another facility to conduct clinicals, I was dismissed from the program nearly 3 wks following the so call 1st incident which in no way was anyone harmed, nor was the instructor made aware of anything by no other than myself during a post conference. What is most disturbing about what lead to my dismissal is that another student & I were both asked to aid during an emergency situation to which my fellow peer failed to respond and I did so. The schools response to such actions even when after emergency response arrived and took over the situation and I was commended for my actions as well as my instructor, I was soon after escorted of the property and told to go home.

This action is said to be supported by the DON, VP, and Dean for which they informed me that I was on probation & that my help was not needed at that time. Now, I don't know about you, but had I not relived...

I have never during my time spent at Keiser had any disciplinary actions in regards to the clinical setting, pt care, time management, morals , and code of ethics. I am currently pursuing legal actions against the school and furthermore, against the instructors who demoralized my character as a student, a aspiring young nurse, and caused potential harm to my career by means of falsifying their statements to cover what they neglected to do! If anyone has any feed back I would greatly appreciate it, for now due to these chain of event and until I prove otherwise I will no longer be able to afford a roof over my head, support my self and family, because the VA shall withhold and garnish all of my pay to recovery money that was paid to an institution based off of: NO INTEGRITY, HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY, DIGNITY, THEY REMAIN UNFAIR & impartial when conduction both reward & punishment, and over all is a school that must be investigated not just from my plead, but the hundreds of other students who have delt with what I currently am.

Some of which have moved on with their lives, but I will not...This whole ordeal has cost me EVERYTHING that I have worked for and sacrificed and for what?

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I chose Keiser Career College in St Pete(now Southeastern College) because of the awesome education they advertised.The education was wonderful because of the ONE instructor I had that now isnt there.

We were told they would help us find jobs.. I was 2nd in my class, accepted into the AST honor society. I graduated with high honors, etc. I have been denied ALL jobs applied for.

And the only jobs the school has for us...

you need 5+ years experience..My $20k education has gotten me NOWHERE!


Keiser is a joke!The professors say offensive comments during lectures, and when you go to the dean about a problem your having the response is take it up with the professor.

When the professor could care less about the students do you really think they helped with the problem. No! After being told by other nursin

g directors that no one will hire nurses from keiser because the education is a joke I withdrew.

Then found out that I had to pay a withdrawal fee plus a balance that wasn't covered through finacial aid or student loans in order for my transcript to be released.Steer clear of this place.


well at least you dont have to work your butt off and watch people who dont work hard, care about the profession, and dont deserve to earn the same license that youve worked so hard for pass.our campus is a joke.

they bend rules for some people and enforce the rules for others.we have instructor who wont answer phone calls from students if they arent in there clinical group and the program as a whole is completely disorganized and unprofessional


In my local florida campus they offer massage therapy program.I graduated from one of the state's top schools.

I didn't go to keiser, because NOBODY would or could answer my questions. All they wanted was money, money and more money. it was gonna be close to $30 for a 9 month program that would teach little anatomy, pathology, massage.

some of the insturctors weren't LMT's.Sorry you all have to go through all this *** with a *** school.


They are just collecting Pell grants. Curriculum and career placement are after thoughts.


I go there now and their purposely failing our whole class. I'm really thinking of getting an attorney

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Keiser College - They are scamers and liers

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i attened years ago and after withdrawing found all the ways they rip you off..first they get the student loans for you and you never see where the money is put, if there is any extra and if you stop attending they keep the loan even if you haven't used it all.

second they tell you your credits transfer when they don't thats why i stopped going. third the charge you for extra classes when you withdraw sometimes the same class twice. forth the prices of the books are almost 4x more than if you bought them somewhere else.

lastly they loose you paperwork so when you ask about everything they say i will get back to you and never do!!!!DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Review about: Attending School.



^ It was unlikely anyone explained that promissory note to him. no one pointed that out to me. it was a bibles worth of legalese and I was asked to sign here, here, and here while the FA officer summerized what I was signing.

I know thats bad, but I have never actually seen anyone read 500 pages of legalese, ever.

Also, what he meant by 'still being billed for classes' was that they continue to charge you for the entire 2 semester period. if you quit after 20 days into the first semster, you will be charged for that entire semester, and the entire next semester, because they group billing cycles in twos.

My experience with their greenacres EMT program was rubbish... the General Ed classes were a nostalgic trip back to high school.

Actually, the entire time I was there, It felt like High school.


I admit I didnt do my research before attending KCC in Miami Lakes, FL. I assumed that since it was an accredited institution I didn't have much to worry about. The first day of class, the Dean and faculty come and introduce themselves as people who know the business and are there to help you. They say this help will come in the form of tutoring, monthly evaluations and action plans. What they dont tell you is that the tutoring is a joke and that the action plans are a punishment not a tool. They also dont tell you that they are under no obligation to provide you with a midterm or final exam reviews. They justify this by saying that if you attended the tutoring, you simply would not need it. The 1st semester has one excellent instructor but the 2nd semester has a mediocre instructor who can't grasp the material enough to explain it other than telling you to read the book. For the midterm and final, our review consisted of 13 words the afternoon before the exams that were each worth 20% of your grade.

They made changes to the grading scale almost every two months to suit themselves leaving you wondering WTF !! The financial aid is made up of an "estimate" and even today, 16 hrs away from my 3rd semester starting, I still dont know how much its going to cost me.

Informing us students of anything relevant is not seen as important or necessary. Some students spent 28K to be told the last day that they didnt make the min grade of 75 but only made a 74.9 !!!...

They love to paste the slogan, "Take personal responsibility" in every classroom but they never feel like they need to answer to you or treat you with respect.

Please, do your homework and attent a state run school like MDC, BC, Sheridan Tech or Miami Lkes Tech. Those cost only 5K and those credits ARE transferable.

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Dont attend this school please.I attend it now and i pray that when i graduate i will be able to find a job.

I'm a nursing student and i would expect to have skills as a nurse but i do not. We are losing clinical sites left and right. The teachers give you the answers to every text just to pass you. The labs are impossible to fail.

They are firing and hiring teachers every couple of months. Please beleive the bad things you here about Keiser College. I've had nothing but bad experiences since I've been there. They charge about 3x as much as real colleges.

And the thing about the financial aid is true. You will never get a straight answer from the staff in financial aid. I pay alot of money per month to attend and i would like to except nothing but the best training. Thats not what i got.

I feel as though i got the worse training.DONT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!


I agree that you need to take responsibility for your actions and not blame others because of your misunderstanding.I attend this school and find I was told everything up front.

I attended the community college and barely got to talk to anyone in administration or financial aid. I am also African American and your statement about the location of the school is very unacceptable. I hope you rethink your position on this as it appears you are not african american and you still attended.

Sounds like you have a lot of misinformation and probably directing some of your anonmosity at the wrong people.I have found this to be a great experience.


They are definitely a scam. Tons and tons of people have horrendous experiences with this degree mill. They seem like a legit school, they flaunt their accreditation but it means absolutely NOTHING.

Ive come across 3 employers who have utterly laughed at the school and hired me based on my education I had to get from another school after having been ripped off by this place. I've always had a high GPA and consider myself a very bright student but this place will graduate anyone who shows up. If you notice most Keiser schools are located in lower middle class or predominantly African American areas.

Their whole plan is to steal from these poor folks by offering them a better life when all they do is sign you up for student loans with their buddies (Sallie Mae), promise you that you wont pay anymore then 200$ a month and then when you get your bills its more like 500+ a month. You realize soon after that you got scammed because no employer even looks at you and then you have massive loans for the worst of educations (approx. 30k)

Their whole school is filled with teachers and staff that have absolutely no idea how to do their job and most teachers are teaching subjects in which they have no business even teaching. School is a gigantic scam, you see them on tv, on buses and you hear them on radio advertisements but stay away from this *** hole!


You really should be very careful when you are talking about financial aid.

First you sign a master promissory note that states if the there is money left over after the year end, A. Do you want it to go back to the loan thereby reducing your loan amount B. Do you want it to come to you in the form of a check IF there is surplus. Understand that financial aid is governed by the dept of education, not the institution you are attending. It's all legal and you received a copy of your promissory note when you viewed your funding plan. You had to sign to accept or decline the package. Everything was spelled out in black and white. By law, an institution cannot keep funds that belong to you. Dept of Education again keeps all schools in compliance.

Second - transferring credits - this is the biggest misnomer of ALL college students. There is no guarentee with ANY school all your credits will transfer regardless of how good a student you were or not. What is required for a degree at one school may not be required at another.

Both schools may not be under the same accredition, one school may operate on semester credit hours, another school may operate on quarter hours. Semester school credits are usually 3 per class, quarter schools are usually 5 per class. If you changed majors, you have opened another whole can of worms. This is where you do your research my fine scholars. It is up to you to know what requirements each school you are looking at is going...

More than likely SOME of your credits will transfer but there is a special department at each school that will discern that from your transcripts. Oh! That's another thing...

Some schools will accept a C- or higher, some schools accept C+ or higher. If you got a C at one school and need a C+ to transfer to another school, you are SOL, that credit will not transfer.

Do your homework, stop bad mouthing the people that are trying to give you an education. None of you have complained about getting free money have you in the form of grants or scholarships?

If someone is being billed on their credit card monthly for classes they haven't taken, that is not correct either. Upon dropping out of school or graduating, student loans begin 6 months from that date. If you took any classes at all, those classes are now due & payable.

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